Our Mission: We exist to invite you to a space to meet with Jesus and be filled with joy to overflowing.
Who We Are: Our team is currently 3 stay at home moms! So please forgive us if email responses are not as prompt as we would prefer them to be. 
             Laura Dugger, Host            
Laura married her best friend, Mark, 11 years ago and they have 4 beloved daughters. Laura is a marriage and family therapist and her graduate school specialization was christian sex therapy. She believes this podcast was an idea from the Lord and she prays to obediently follow God’s direction and bring Him glory. Here are 3 fun facts: After attending barista school with her husband, she now makes her own grande skinny iced almond milk vanilla latte everyday to enjoy as she reads her Bible. Laura's favorite shared activity with her kiddos is reading aloud, which they try to do daily. Finally, she can’t get enough community: her parents instilled traditions she and Mark continue to uphold which include hosting and gathering people together as much as possible!   
Natalie Baker, Sound Engineer
Natalie and Luke have been married for 16 years and they have three precious children. Natalie is a nurse who is Certified in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing with a background in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine. Here are 3 fun facts: When she was 14, Natalie was stung by a Portuguese man-o-war, which left her with a six-inch scar on her leg and a healthy fear of the ocean.  She is left-handed, with equal parts pride and annoyance over that fact.  The annoyance is mostly at the world being against lefties, not at actually being left-handed.  And lastly, in high school, Natalie was both a cheerleader and a drum major.  Her mom claims she never told anyone she was the drum major; her parents discovered it at a parade she was competing in. 
Lauren Sauder, Social Media Lead
Lauren and her husband, Steven, have been married for twelve years and have three kids: 1 boy and 2 girls. Before becoming a missionary in Thailand, Lauren was a High School Spanish teacher in the suburbs of Chicago. She also spent time studying at Moody. Here are 3 fun facts: Although she's a homebody, Lauren has lived in 4 different countries and traveled to more than 20 states and 25 countries. She loves to cook and host and has an unhealthy fear of running out of food! Lauren is also 100% Japanese, but she cannot speak Japanese. Instead, she is fluent in Spanish and Thai. She hopes you will connect with The Savvy Sauce by connecting with us on Instagram and Facebook!
If you want to learn more, please listen to Episode 0 where we each share more about our stories. 
What to expect
Learning: We will host a different expert guest each week who will make us laugh and challenge us to start living a more abundant life! 
Generosity: We love surprises and giving things away to make your day a little brighter!
Inclusivity: We hope you always find encouragement, hope, and belonging here!
Love: Our prayer is that you feel loved through your experience with The Savvy Sauce as you experience the love of Jesus through hearing God’s Word and learn how to practically apply it each day (such as resting in God’s goodness, taking good care of one another, gathering together, building each other up, being strengthened with grace and encouragement, while loving God, loving others, and loving yourself)!
Eternal Value: Ultimately, we want you to hear the Good News about what Jesus did to save your life and offer you practical steps to take so that you can spend your life living for something that will outlast it! We are on this journey with you as we also seek to become more like Jesus every day and we are so glad we get to do this together!
Full Transparency: It costs approximately $500 to produce each episode (web hosting, domain cost, time from our team, equipment, etc...) So, how does our business earn money? Three main ways:
1. Sponsors on podcast episodes and if you want to become a sponsor, find out more here
2. Patreon, find out more here
3. Amazon Affiliate Program: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. We will only recommend resources we believe in!
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♥ You are loved and we are so glad you’re here ♥ 
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